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Book 1 Premiere (2012/04/14) & Book 3 Finale (2014/08/22)


This part really got to me. At this point, we know that Tonraq is alright but Korra doesn’t. When she departs from her dad, I saw a little girl saying ‘i love you daddy’. Her rage at Zaheer for her father’s supposed death instead of her own anger of being held prisoner, stood out.



Well. And one thing more. Jinora can’t be the airmaster like her dad, not at all. She posses the tactics, yes, knowledge, but where the hell she was when her dad and uncle and aunt fought? When even Kai fought? I mean, no offense to her, she’s still a little girl, but she’s not ready to replace Tenzin. That’s why he’s still alive and couldn’t be wiped out.

uh, the first orders tenzin gave out was to have kya and bumi cover them, then it was for jinora to take everyone to safety

he told his daughter, a ‘little girl’ to take care of a whole bunch of airbenders

however, if tenzin got overpowered, don’t you think jinora would be too?



so is the title of book 4 going to be “post traumatic stress disorder” or “i thought this was a children’s show; what the actual fuck, bryke” or